System Setup

System Setup

The System Setup option is the centralised hub for turning features in VisitorRego on or off and setting up functions.

From VisitorRego's 
Admin mode choose Options> System Setup.
System Set Up MenuSystem Setup option is the centralised hub for turning features in VisitorRego on or off and setting up functions.

General Tab

Turn general features on or off
Turn ID features on or off
Turn Pre-Registration features on or off
Show and change printer options
Privacy consent message can be setup to be displayed on registration

Site Defaults Tab

Self Registration Fields
Turn Fields on or off in Self Registration mode
Admin Fields
Turn Fields on or off in Admin mode
Turn general features on or off

Database Tab

Change Database
Select Database to be used to manage Company Data
Displays current Database settings
Database - Emergency
Displays current Emergency Database settings

Self Registration Tab

OSK Customise
Settings to change the display settings of On-Screen-Keyboard
Self Registration Layout settings, spacing and colours
Self Registration startup and features settings

Internet/VRF Tab

The text for various messages displayed in VR Facilities can be edited and managed
Setup for proxy server credentials
VR Facilities
Pull/refresh information from/to VR Facilities and set an automatic time to pull data from the system

Staff Tab

AD Setup
Load staff details from an Active Directory
Automate Load
Setup a scheduled automatic staff list update

Workflows Tab

Work Flow
Manage different Self Registration scenarios, with fully customisable options

Messaging Tab

Setup and send email notifications to staff members
Setup and display phone details of staff members to registering visitors
Setup the greeting messages to welcome a guest on registration
Sign Out
Setup event settings that go along with the sign out process
SMS messages template settings

Languages Tab

Select and change the language for different parts of VisitorRego

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