Admin Mode

Admin Mode

Admin Mode refers to the VisitorRego window that is displayed on the desktop.

From here you can access and manage the software settings. See the following articles for more detail on the
File, Reports, Options, Emergency, Valuables and Web menus. 

This article explains how you can move between Admin Mode and Self-Registration Mode where the visitor registers. 

You can register visitors from Admin Mode. Simply enter the visitor details and press Register.

Register - after entering visitor information into the fields press Register. The visitor is then signed in. 
A pop up will ask if you want to send a notification to the staff member. Tick the "Don't Ask Again" to turn off this question. 

Print Label - after entering the visitor information into the fields press Print Label. The visitor label will be printed.

Signed In - this shows you everyone who is signed in. To select a visitor highlight the row by clicking the arrow in the far left column. From there you can sign people out, issue a pass, sign out a Valuable, or reprint the visitor label. 

Pre-Register - this shows you who has been sent a meeting invite via Pre-Registration.

Valuables - shows details about items that have been signed out. 

How to add/remove fields Registration fields

Every field other than Name and Meeting With are optional. Fields can be added or removed, depending on your requirements.

From Admin Mode navigate to Options > Site Defaults > Admin Fields

Tick or untick the 'visable' checkbox of required fields

Close and return to Admin Mode and the changes will be shown

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