File Menu

File Menu

Settings in the File tab provide offline reporting functionality and registration setting


This will take you to the Self Registration screen where visitors can sign themselves in.

This function will show you any visitors with pre-booked appointments.

Register visitors for a specific function or event.

Allows you to add and maintain departments within your company.

See and maintain details of your staff list.

Use this function to search for specific people that have signed in.

Sort visitors by name, date etc.

Use this function to display a message to visitors signing in.

Can be setup to notify a staff member via txt or email if reception is unattended and a visitor needs assistance.


Clears the fields in Admin Mode and sends the information to the Database. Also clears any backlogged emails that are pending.

If printing labels, use this function to reset the label count when you change the label roll. VisitorRego will keep track of how many labels are left on the roll.


Quits VisitorRego.

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