Options Menu

Options Menu

The Options menu provides access to the System Set up where many of the settings for VisitorRego change be changed. Access to this menu can be password protected. 

It also provides access to the manual updating process for staff, contractors, permits and visitors. 

System Setup

System Setup acts as the centralised point for controlling settings used by VisitorRego

Data Sync

Allows you to pull down information from the VR Portal, and upload Staff to the VR Portal that have been entered via Staff.

Data Load

Load Staff from Excel

Load Staff from an Excel spreadsheet file.

Load Staff from Active Directory

Load Staff from your companies Active Directory.

Load Staff Custom Upload

Load Staff using a custom upload format (contact VisitorRego to create this for your company).

Load Staff from CSV

Load Staff from a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. Very similar to loading from an Excel file.

Load Visitors from Excel

Load Visitors for an Event or Appointments from an Excel file.

Upload Appointments into VRF

Upload Appointments to the VisitorRego Portal for viewing online

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