Valuables tab

Valuables tab

See this article for details on setting up the Valuables function

Signing the Valuable out 

Step 1. Open VisitorRego and navigate to the Valuables tab and select a category.

Step 2. Select the item you wish to issue and select ‘Out’.

Step 3. A list of registered visitors on-site will appear. Select the individual you wish to issue the valuable to (by clicking on the arrow to the left of their name) and click ‘Issue’.

Step 4. The valuable will now be registered to the individual.

Step 5.  At the VR Portal under the item information (found via the Valuables> Valuables tab, selecting the item category and then the item) a log will appear under ‘Issues’:

Step 6.
 The Valuables> Register (In or Out) and Valuables> Issues Today+ screens will also show the issued valuable. 

Valuables> Register (In or Out):

Valuables> Issues Today+:


Signing the Valuable in

Step 7. In VisitorRego navigate to the Valuables tab and select the category the item is under. Select relevant item and click the checkbox ‘In’. The valuable has now been signed in and is no longer assigned to the individual.

Note: this change will be reflected at the VR Portal

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